A View from the Arboretum

Check out the latest issue of Art + Australia for Erica's essay 'A view from the Arboretum'

  • Seccombe, E., 'A view from the Arboretum', Art + Australia, Issue Three (54.2): Unnaturalism, Editor Edward Colless, Melbourne University, 2018, p 78-81.


Lately I have been looking through a high-end virtual reality (VR) headset, exploring a mutable and volatile planet. This is not any fully rendered, illusionary game world; instead, I’ve been immersed in an innovative scientific tool called EcoVR, being developed by Dr Tim Brown and his colleagues at the Australian National University (ANU).2 Tim Brown is director of the ANU node of the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility and a research fellow with the Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology. Phenomics is the study of physical, existential characteristics of an organism, distinct from that organism’s inherited and heritable genetic identity, or genome. Bringing VR into this field of research, Tim Brown is also something of a technology wrangler and futurist. 

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