GROW: 2010-2017

practice-led research, 4D + 3D micro CT. 

GROW is practice led research in which I am investigating the aesthetic possibilities of computational extension of vision through 3D Microcomputed Tomography X-rays (Micro-CT) in the XCT Facility at the ANU Department of Mathematics. My intention for this project is to capture in 4D the dynamic process of propagating agricultural seeds, from embryo to first leaf stage. Micro-CT is conventionally static but there is now ground-breaking work capturing movement as an object is transformed; such as a seed sprouting from an embryonic state. I am visualising this data through a unique scientific volume exploration tool Drishti.

The premise behind my proposal capturing the germination of economic seeds - such as mung bean, corn, sunflower, soy and wheat - stems from my interest in agricultural philosophy and the issues raised about our future in the era of genetic modification. In thinking, researching and developing GROW, I am considering contemporary questions surrounding the comparative values between perceived natural and artificially cultivated food sources.

Through GROW I am attempting to merge science, technology, art and culture in an innovative way. By transcending conventional images of seeds germinating I am endeavouring to create new work that has meaning beyond a purely scientific interpretation of data.

RELATED works and works in progress


  • 2011- (2017)  PhD candidate, Photography and Digital Arts, ANU School of Art, Australian Postgraduate Award. 

  • 2010 - Visiting Fellow, ANU Department of Applied Mathematics, supported by a 2010 artsACT project grant and the 2011 Synapse residency through the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT). For more background information please visit my ANAT BLOG

publications + related news

  • My PhD Exegesis is published online and can be accessed through the ANU Library Open Research Portal.
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  • Anna Selleh, ABC Science online


  • 2017, entitled Out of Season, in How Does Your Garden Grow? Goulburn Regional Art Gallery, NSW, 
  • 2016, Out of Season (PhD Examination Exhibition) ANU School of Art Gallery
  • 2015, entitled, Grow, Light Speculation, The Carlton Connect Initiative, The University of Melbourne, curated by Dr Renee Beale.
  • 2015, (WIP, as Grow and Printing Time) Dominik Mersche Gallery, Rushcutters Bay
  • 2012. (WIP Grow) Synapse: a selection, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, curated by Vicki Sowry, Director, ANAT
  • 2011, (WIP Grow) genart_sysa window on digital culture, Curated by Deborah Furness, Foyer Space, Australia Council for the Arts | 372 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills NSW, 20 January - 9 March