"Erica Seccombe uses X-rays to produces 3D images. Her aim is to show how science and art can be combined." Photo: Jay Cronan, Canberra Times, FEBRUARY 20 2015

Erica is a visual artist based in Canberra. Her practice spans from traditional and photographic print media and drawing to experimental digital platforms using frontier scientific visualisation software. Since 2006 she has been an artist and resident researcher at the ANU Department of Applied Mathematics and Vizlab, NCI. 

Erica’s PhD GROW: experiencing Nature in the Fifth Dimension is a practice-led research project investigating time-resolved (4D) micro-X-ray Computed Tomography through immersive stereoscopic digital projection installations and 3D printing.

She is currently a lecturer in Foundation Studies at the ANU School of Art & Design, and teaches for The Centre for Art History and Art Theory. Erica also works at the ANU CT_Lab as a visualisation consultant for the open source software Drishti. 

Traditionally trained in a print making and drawing, Erica is a proud member of Megalo Print Studio & Gallery, Kingston. Passionate about working in the Megalo studios, she has taken up many different roles as an exhibiting artist, a tutor, a staff member, and have been twice an artist in resident, and was previously a board member (from 2007) and Chair of the Board, (2010 - 2014). In May 2017 Erica was re-elected to the Board.